12:00 PM  Room 1
Arlen Schumer's Art and Comic Book Art

Just as art historians look back 500 years ago on the great Renaissance masters of the human figure like Michelangelo and Raphael, so too will art historians 500 years from now look back on the great masters of the human figure of our time, our great comic book artists like Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, Joe Kubert, Carmine Infantino, Gil Kane—to name a few. Yet in fine art circles, it is still considered "blasphemous" to compare/contrast the two sets of artists. Join comic book historian Arlen Schumer (The Silver Age of Comic Book Art: as he does just that, with his provocative, perceptive presentation, comparing and contrasting the great artists and great artworks from the worlds of fine art and comic books, curating a fascinating journey through art...and comic book art!

12:30 PM Room 2
Pitching Comics

Ann Nocenti hosts a conversation with Amy Reeder, Brandon Monclare, and Steve Orlando on the art of getting your idea to the right people at the major publishers.

1:00 PM  Room 1
Denis Kitchen on Harvey Kurtzman

1:30 PM  
 Room 2
A Conversation with Mark Waid 

2 PM  Room 1
J.J. Sedelmaier SNL's TV Funhouse and Other Animated Adventures 

more info to come soon

2:30 PM  Room 2
Charlton Comics  

Mort Todd, Roger Mckenzie, Paul Kupperberg

3:00 PM   Room 1 
 Sculpting Heroes and Villains

Accomplished sculptors Joe Menna, Jean St. Jean and Paul Harding discuss their careers and their process of making statues, busts, action figures, and other sculpted items. 

3:30 PM   Room 2
Making Comics

Christy Blanch, David Gallaher, Franco, and other creators give an in depth look into how comics are made.

4:00 PM   Room 1 

4:30 PM    Room 2
 Don McGregor and Rich Buckler

Their run on Black Panther was one of the greatest in 70s comics. 

-more to come


12:00 PM Room 1
Special Guest Panel

1:00 PM  Room 1
Writing Daredevil 

Mark Waid, Ann Nocenti, Roger McKenzie

2:00 PM Room 2
Inside The Walking Dead

Actor Chris Harrelson tells his behind the scense stories of being a walker on the hit TV series The Walking Dead. Hear his accounts of going to zombie school, working with Greg Nicotero and all the main cast, his tour of the studio in L.A. where all the makeup and prosthetics are created.

3:00 PM  Room 1
Ren & Stimpy: A Conversation with Bob Camp and Bill Wray

4:00 PM End of programming.  Room will be used for Cosplay contest from 4 pm to 5:30 pm.